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Home Page

Welcome to Jan's Home Page! 

Our Passion:  We are proud to announce the twelfth year  of breeding rabbits.   Since 1989  American Fuzzy Lops have been the main focus giving us many successful show seasons, and we are now a Charter Breeder!

Current Project:  Utilizing our Grand Champion herd of American Fuzzy Lops, we are now producing Otter Fuzzy Lops.  This new variety is not yet recognized by the American Rabbit Breeder and we currently have variety sponsorship for them and am eagerly awaiting our first showing at the ARBA National Convention in 2000. 

The Small Guys:  Netherland Dwarfs also occupy some of the cages here at Skericks Bunny Barracks.  Their small size and docile temperament make them an easy and fun addition to any rabbitry.  If you are lacking space but still want to raise rabbits, give them a try.  They come in every color imaginable!

What's New:  One touch ~ that's all it took!   We are now tinkering with Mini Rex and Tri-colored Holland Lops.

Export:  During the past three years, I have been successfully Exporting  Rabbits to Japan, with requests from other countries as far away as Guatemala and Malaysia.  Contact us with your needs, we network with other breeders.  if we do not have everything you are looking for, let us know your heart's desire and we'll find it for you.  

Contact Us:  Your opinions and comments are always welcome!  Visit our Contact Page and learn how to phone, write, or e-mail to us.  Also, don't miss the rabbits For Sale and Links page.