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All Rabbits are shipped from San Francisco International Airport to almost any destination in the world.  Our expertise and experience guarantees safe shipment every time.  Eight rabbits can be shipped at one time.  Rabbits stay in normal rabbit carriers that rest in a large dog kennel.  Customer is responsible for the cost of carriers, Vet check-up, price of rabbits, and flight.                          





There is a demand for high  quality, pedigreed rabbits in Japan.  The most popular breeds are Netherland Dwarfs, Fuzzy Lops, Holland Lops, Mini Rex and Jersey Woollies with request occasionally for French and English Lop as well  as Flemish Giants among others.  The list is constantly growing.

There are a number of serious breeders in Japan.  Due to the fact there are no rabbit shows, they like to purchase rabbits with some show accomplishments.  Grand Champions are highly prized, when still producing.   Actually, they are no different from breeders in the United States.  We have all been taught to purchase the best we could afford to avoid some of the pitfalls in breeding quality animals.  For the most part, Japanese breeders are meticulous.  Often times, registered rabbits are chosen over those that are not, yet any age from 8 weeks to 2 year is acceptable.  Brood does that are good moms are OK too.

Their favorite colors are blue, opal, chocolate, lynx, fawn, red, orange, lilac, otter, sable point, siamese sable, smoke pearl &  martin or tan pattern as well.  Unacceptable colors are black, Himalayan & red eyed whites.

If you are interested in sending rabbits to Japan, we suggest you update a list of rabbits for sale and submit them us.    It is important to submit your list in a timely fashion as it has to be translated into Japanese before it can be submitted.  Shipments are sent at 2 to 3 week intervals.

Please follow this format, when submitting your list:
Price  -  ear #   -  DOB  -  Color  -  Parents (wins & color)  &  Other
pertinent information that will help to sell your rabbits.   Also give placement of these animals at shows.

Professional breeders in  Japan  purchase rabbits for their own rabbitries, a few breeders also own rabbit shops, where rabbits are their primary focus, offered for sale both as pets and show animals.  Some customers of Japanese rabbit shops are in search of new breeds and varieties often ordering and paying for their rabbits months in advance.  Having a list of what  is currently available allows them to make intelligent choices without unnecessary delays.


1999 brings the year of the rabbit to Japan.  This translates into a need for healthy bunny rabbits that are a maximum of 50 days old.  These little bunnies are for the pet trade and will not require pedigrees.

Currently, the pet rabbit in the highest demand is what the Japanese call "Peter Rabbit" from the famous story by Beatrix Potter.  Netherland  Dwarf breeders know them as Chestnut Agouti Dwarfs, with the absence of the dwarfing gene.  Hence the longer ears and slightly larger body yet still a small  rabbit, commonly referred  to as "super dwarfs" in Japan.

So far, the breeds requested as pets are Netherland Dwarfs and American Fuzzy Lops, in the same colors mentioned earlier. This is an opportunity to sell unrecognized colors such as broken pattern and Dutch marked Dwarfs.  As long as they do not have bad teeth or health problems.

When compiling a list of pet bunnies, state their age in "days"   the breed and color.   Since the amount paid for pet rabbits is substantially less,  I can not pay to ship these bunnies in, unless they are coming to me  with  pedigreed rabbits, selected from your list by Japanese buyers.  The cost is just too great otherwise.

Once your list is submitted, it takes about 5 working days to arrange payment of selected stock.  The seller is notified and paid in cash.   It is most convenient to pay for and pick-up the rabbits during a show.
When this isn't possible, a suitable meeting place is arranged as I am unable to drive door-to-door picking up rabbits.  Groups of breeders outside the Sacramento area should coordinate transportation,  Likewise, breeders that are out of state, should combine their rabbits for  shipping to Sacramento International Airport.  COD shipments are for the amount of freight only.  The seller is always paid ahead of time.

Once the rabbits for a given order are acquired, we must have all the rabbits health checked and USDA Certified before they are shipped.   The rabbits are flown from San Francisco Airport on a  9 hour flight, directly to Japan.  Their environment is controlled and the airline takes every precaution for a safe trip.  Upon arrival, the rabbits are placed quarantine for 3 short days. Cavies aren't quarantined at all.

I have shipped over 150 rabbits to Japan  during  1998 alone.   We have never lost a rabbit during the flight or in quarantine.
At times, it takes a large number of  outstanding breeders to fill the needs, wants and desires of our new friends in Japan.    Feel free to forward this message to any "suitable breeder" anywhere.

Remember that I am not a broker  and don't wish to become one.  My goal is to help promote ARBA in Japan by helping the Japanese obtain quality rabbits for a price commensurate for that animal.  There has
been enough damage done by greedy brokers already, resulting in the
exportation of poor  quality animals and in some cases fraudulent pedigrees, registration  &  grand champion certificates.

There have been some gross injustices to these new, unknowing breeders.   The worst example I can give you is that of a six week old Orange American Fuzzy Lop doe, imported and sold to an unsuspecting person as a grand champion.  The amount charged for the rabbit was $4,000.00 plus special handling and quarantine fees of an undisclosed amount.  The rabbit couldn't be registered as it had a white spot between the eyes and was reported to be 1 pound over weight at maturity.  There are other horror stories as well.

Hopefully you will support this  endeavor by offering quality stock when it becomes available.   While you may see this as an opportunity for profit,  foreign buyers know what they want and what they can afford.  They have the same needs, wants and desires as American breeders.  They want to be competitive and there are a few that will stop at nothing to achieve it.   Anyone can buy rabbits, it take a competent breeder to know the difference.   Seeing is believing.  The true test of time will be the rewards of breeding their own  winners.

The ultimate goal of successful Japanese breeders is  showing at ARBA
Conventions and National Specialty Shows.  Currently there are over 200 ARBA Japan members.  There have been Japanese exhibitors in attendance for the past two years at ARBA events.




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